Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter and Spring is here!

Yes, the Easter bunny came for the kiddies :)

The best part of all..SPRING HAS ARRIVED! I don't have any flowers yet..but here are a few shots of Ed's mother's garden in PA (which we helped her with!) I must say she's got a knack for photographing flowers!

I think I forgot to mention that Ed is no longer driving! He is dispatching, so he's home every night and on weekends like a normal person! We are loving it!! It's far too nice outside to be inside (it's 72!) so off I go!! Hope you enjoyed the flowers :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Purse contents and Easter!

So, I was tagged by Rachel to reveal the contents of my purse. Funny thing is, there's not much there to see!!!

As you can see, my purse is truly empty. Here's my wallet, notebook, pen, 56 cents in change, $18 cash, lipstick, Hershey flavored chapstick, Hubby's gate key for work, the car keys, my hairbrush, and eyeglass case. No fun here lol.

As for Easter, it was a good one. We unveiled the baskets in the morning, then went on a trip to Havre. Then we came home and had ham, potatoes, stuffing and corn for dinner.

As for today, it's chilly (mid 40s), windy (gusts to 70mph), and I have to venture myself and the kiddos out for formula and milk. I HATE having to take them out just for 2 things! Soon, that will change. Eddie will now be working in the office, so he will be home every night and on the weekends :) Hooray for 8-5 jobs!! So, for the purse thing...I tag Allison.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


With Easter fast approaching, I thought this would be a good update! Lexi will be getting something very special from the bunny this year :). We don't really plan on going big on candy, but we're not completely leaving it out. Eddie Max will also have a small basket, I plan to fill it with age appropriate toys and some outfits. We will spend Saturday decorating eggs, and will have the traditional egg hunt!! Last year we just used plastic eggs with M&Ms in them for the egg hunt. Lexi loves to draw, so we decided to decorate them this year. (Anyone want them when we're done? I don't think anyone here will eat hard boiled eggs!)

For dinner, I was thinking a ham, but Hubby just brought up a good point! With the giant grill we have (5 burner with rotisserie and smoker)...

so maybe we'll put a chicken on the rotisserie!! Served with real mashed potatoes and whatever other sides we can put together :) We are currently awaiting Hubby's return from Seattle, maybe he'll get a 4 day weekend? We'll see!! Here's to a great Easter everyone!

Hey Hey! Welcome!

Hooray my first blog post! First, let me introduce you to myself and my family. I'm Cheryl, Im 24, was born in NY, and implanted myself in Montana.

This is my husband, Eddie. He's 26, was born in PA, and was implanted in MT by the air force. He's now a car transporter for the most popular car dealership in town.

Next, our daughter, Lexi Jo. She's 3. She's super intelligent and alot of fun, but has a killer attitude problem! We're working on that.

Last, but certainly never least, our son, Eddie Max. He's 2 months old, we're so happy to have him in our family!

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to comment, and introduce yourself! We hope to see you again soon!